When I was a kid, my mom tried so hard for me to learn sewing & crocheting. Actually she was a perfect tailor & crochet designer.
When I become a mom, I start to learn sewing… And now I love sewing & crafting
But I still cannot crochet, don’t tell my mom :)

And when I became a mom, I became a crafter!

I have started my handcraft business in 2012! Now I create in my home studio, in Istanbul, near the woods, away from the city, where I can grow my vegetables & flowers in the garden, my girls can run & play… Although sometimes I dream of having a fancy artistic studio, the truth is I love my “handmade” home studio. Every corner has a touch of mine. I feel completed & inspired in my home studio!

I, continuously, try to develop my crafting skills; besides sewing, I love drawing, painting & learning! I really, really, love to learn & hard working for something I love to do.

Thank y’all!